Audit Protection

auditworryLose the Worry About Audits. The Tax Team will defend you against an IRS audit, so you can quit worrying.

The Tax Team gives you our Audit Pro Plus Program that includes personal IRS audit protection. The IRS knows that taxes are confusing and preys on those stuck by that confusion to achieve better results for the service (i.e. they get more money out of folks who do not know better). You can relax with Audit Pro Plus and the Tax Team of attorneys, CPA’s, EA’s and tax professionals behind you.



What does Membership include as part of its Audit Protection Service?

  • Response to IRS letters.
  • Assign taxpayer team who will handle audit on taxpayer’s behalf.
  • Research applicable IRS rules and regulations.
  • Review returns, organize data, and make recommendations.
  • Meet with IRS on taxpayer’s behalf.
  • Advocate taxpayer’s position to achieve optimal result.
  • Negotiate on taxpayer’s behalf through appeals and prior to trial.

The Tax Team will professionally defend your federal income tax audit from the time you first receive notice from the IRS until its completion, subject to the Limitations and Exclusions described below.

This includes any federal income tax audit that arises during the period of your membership with the Tax Team membership. The Tax Team will handle the scheduling of appointments, telephone calls and correspondence with the IRS. If necessary, we will meet with the IRS auditor on your behalf and will defend you as necessary up to trial.

Limitations and Exclusions: Certain audits are excluded for the reasons listed below:

  • Fraud: We will not defend fraudulent returns.
  • Businesses: This is for personal audits only.
  • Reviewed Returns:  Before audit protection is effective, the returns must have been reviewed by our team of tax professionals and error fixed via amendment (returns prepared by The Tax Team are considered reviewed automatically)
  • Legal: This services extends up to trial. If legal counsel is necessary, it is not covered by this membership.
  • See “Terms & Condition” at the bottom of the page for more details.


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