Tax Coach

taxcoachYour tax coach will get  you answers to your immediate tax problems and/or questions. The Tax Team service permits you to access an exclusive area of our website and ask questions of our team of qualified tax professionals.

All members receive unlimited access to a tax coach from The Tax Team. We encourage our members to ask any questions, any time.  The etaxteam professional team is available Monday thru Friday 9am – 4pm Pacific Time to respond to questions of our members.





By thoroughly utilizing this service, you will:

  • Learn how to maximize all your tax deductions
  • Implement powerful tax strategies using IRS code
  • Be confident of your tax decisions
  • Receive written and documented advice and explanations to ALL your tax questions
  • Learn how to apply these strategies into your everyday life

Using this service before incurring any expenses to find out how to make many things in your life tax deductible. There are tax ramifications and advantages to practically all everyday expenses, and even infrequent expenditures like typical vacations and large ticket purchases.

Members have access to a secure member portal where you will be able to submit questions.  If you use the online portal, simply fill in your contact information and succinctly state your question, and you will receive a response usually within one business day.

All of this is included in your Tax Team Membership.


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