Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms & Conditions

The named individual in the Membership sign-up is the Member. There is only one Member per Membership. In the event a Member is legally married and files a joint return, the joint return will be covered for audit protection (after review), but all communications will be with the named Member.

Tax Coach covers the Member only. Do not allow third parties to access your account for any reason. You may ask the Tax Team Coaches a written question four times per 24 hour period with a maximum of 800 words. You may call in 888-969-2677 as often as you like, so long as:

  • Questions must pertain to taxes and relate to the Member’s tax situation.
  • You do not ask the Tax Coaches questions on behalf of third parties.

Submitted questions should be answered within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

If you need questions answered outside the scope of your Membership, you will be charged a standard hourly rate by the tax professional assisting you.

Audit Protection Plan is for individual taxpayers. It will cover the following services with regard to an IRS audit of the taxpayer’s individual return (of Married Filing Jointly) during the term of the Membership:

  • Response to IRS letters.
  • Assign taxpayer team who will handle audit on taxpayer’s behalf.
  • Research applicable IRS rules and regulations.
  • Review returns, organize data, and make recommendations.
  • Meet with IRS on taxpayer’s behalf.
  • Advocate taxpayer’s position to achieve optimal result.
  • Negotiate on taxpayer’s behalf through appeals and prior to trial.

Limitations and Exclusions

Certain audits are excluded for the reasons listed below:

  • Fraud: We will not defend fraudulent returns.
  • Businesses: This is for personal audits only.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: We can only defend claims that arise during the term of your Membership. If you have an existing audit, we can cover it only by separate agreement and for an additional fee. Criminal Investigations are specifically excluded from defense.
  • Delay: Members must notify us promptly if the IRS contacts the Member. Do not contact the IRS directly. If a Member willfully delays notifying The Tax team of the audit and said delay prejudices the defense of the claim, The Tax Team will not defend the claim.
  • Cooperation: Members agree to cooperate with our staff and to be responsive to our requests.
  • Federal Income Taxes: We only deal with the IRS.
  • Returns: We can file or amend any returns for an additional fee.
  • Legal Services: We are not engaging in legal services. Audit protection benefits extend up to trial. We do not provide legal assistance or represent members in court, although we can make arrangements for someone to represent you should it be required. Additional fees will be required to be paid to such professionals.
  • Tax Protestors: We do not defend frivolous tax claims.
  • Unpaid Return Preparation: Audits for tax years where the returns field were self-prepared by the Member or where no paid tax preparer is listed on the filed return(s) are not covered unless reviewed in advanced by the The Tax Team Tax Department.

How to contact us: 888-969-2677

You must remain a Member in good standing during the term of any audit dispute of representation may cease.

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