Webinars and Meetings


One of the best features of the Tax Team is the option to join in a group meeting to learn new tax strategies and hear answers to attendees’ questions by our tax pros.

Each month, you will be invited to attend a webinar on a tax strategy or topic that will help you keep more of your dollars in your pocket.  There is open Q&A with the presenter, so you can ask away or listen to the answers of others.  Whatever the case, you will benefit from the information and will walk away better informed.


Recordings and Recasts

We will also post webinar recasts and video recordings for the benefit of our Team members.  Whether is is how to take a deduction for meals and entertainment or using section 280A, you will have access to video instructions and can follow-up in email or over the phone using the included Tax Coaching service.

All Tax Team Members get access to Webinars, Meetings and Recordings.


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